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1. Health care providers & insurers identify patients to recieve SMAT Med Reminder system.

2. The pharmacy dispenses SMAT Med Reminder system.

3. The patient uses the SMAT Med Reminder system at home.

4. Our Concordance SMAT Med Reminder system collects and reports adherence.

5. Health care providers & insurers review adherence data to identify patients that need further assistance.

Technologically innovative yet practical and affordable.

Concordance Health Solutions is advancing patient medication adherence via products, services, and apps that are technologically innovative, yet practical and affordable. Solutions like our SMARxT Cap and SMARxT Med Reminder System are designed to effortlessly integrate into pharmacy practices, fit seamlessly into patients’ lives, make it easier to comply with prescription instructions, and deliver meaningful, custom data to payers and clinicians to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care.

Leading With Experience

Concordance is powered by a team of healthcare professionals, product development experts, and business people.

The Opportunity to Change the World. One Prescription at a Time.

Our business model is unique. Start with something as simple as prescription bottle cap. Infuse it with user friendly, yet profoundly powerful software, and start engaging pharmacists, changing patient behavior, and helping reduce medication-related healthcare costs.

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